The DeCaLiBron- July 2015

So I can now say that I checked off two more official Colorado 14ers from the impressive list of 53 (I hiked Grey’s with my dad in 2010). To qualify as an “official” 14er, the mountain needs to drop by at least 300ft at the lowest point between the saddle of two peaks. The DeCaLiBron is a trail loop that includes Mount Democrat (official; elevation: 14,148ft), Mount Cameron (unofficial; elevation: 14,238ft but only rises 138ft from the saddle with Mount Lincoln), Mount Lincoln (official; elevation: 14, 286ft) and Mount Bross (official; elevation: 14,172ft).

I started the day intending to do Democrat, Lincoln, and Cameron; poor signage and a rookie mistake landed me on top of Mt Bross (which is technically closed to the public because it is privately owned). So I instead completed Bross, Lincoln and Cameron! It was a happy mistake no less, and someday I will be back to conquer Mt Democrat!

There were some absolutely stunning views, especially from Lincoln, which looked out over Fairplay/South Park and what I believe to be the Mosquito/Tenmile Mountain Range. It was a very challenging day of hiking, including a small bout of altitude sickness and dehydration. I powered through and definitely feel more accomplished now that I have had plenty of water. I am inspired to keep up with my healthy lifestyle so I can continue to hike 14ers (hopefully all of them someday!) for a very long time! Here are a few of my pictures from the day!

Whoopsies! Rookie Mistake?
Conquered Mt Bross
View from Mt Lincoln
View from Mt Lincoln
Mt Lincoln: CHECK
Mt Lincoln: CHECK
Mt Cameron, Completed
Mt Cameron, Completed
Did I mention I live in the most beautiful place ever?!
Did I mention I live in the most beautiful place ever?!

Only 50 more to go!



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