About Me

Within the past year, I have graduated college, moved twice, started my first real job, adopted a cat, tried online dating, quit online dating,  and fell in love with cooking. It has been quite a period of growing and maturing for me; I learned a lot about myself, my body, and the person I hope to be.

In August 2014, I was told that I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Unless you are a nerd like myself, the long story short is that I have benign cysts on my ovaries, which lead to all sorts of unpleasant gynecological issues, but with the purpose of keeping things brief, it also means that I have messed up blood sugar control similar to a type 2 diabetic. While it came as a twisted sort of relief that it wasn’t entirely my fault that I couldn’t lose a pound no matter what I did, I also scared me tremendously. I realized that if I wanted to remain diabetes-free, I would need to make serious changes in my life. And so an unexpected journey began…

I quickly realized that while my diet was not terrible, it wasn’t great either. Within a two month period, I changed my diet from that of an average 20-something to a diabetic-friendly, minimally processed, mostly home cooked diet. And I love it.

Growing up, my mother would make these fantastic soups and dishes for dinner, and then when I would ask how she made it, her usual response was “Oh, I have no idea. I just put stuff together and hope it turns out okay!” As I head into the second year of my healthy lifestyle, I find myself quickly understanding my mother’s cooking philosophy (and Achilles heel). I create these amazing, healthy dishes, then cannot for the life of me remember how I made it the next day. If nothing else, this blog is designed to document my adventures in health and remind me how in the world I made that amazing dish last week!

I hope you enjoy the musings of a young adult trying to live the best version of herself!



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